1. You think you live
  2. in California already,
  3. but then you go to
  4. a solstice party. And it
  5. is wonderful! You read
  6. Midwinter’s Day there
  7. with your friends, just
  8. like they do in Brooklyn
  9. or Lenox Mass. Laurel
  10. and I had pre-party tacos
  11. and they were good
  12. because we were in
  13. California. Laurel as in
  14. Canyon. Joni Mitchell and
  15. I kind of “cosmic comrades.”
  16. When a storm comes,
  17. I hear the air fizz
  18. on Beats by Dre.
  19. Drizzle in Berkeley,
  20. thunder in Oakland,
  21. California knows how to
  22. party. Solstice party.
  23. I’m changing my name
  24. to Jacques Joni Mitchell Brown.
  25. It’s so easy to do here.
  26. When it’s notarized we’ll
  27. all go to bed, together.
  28. It is California after all.
  29. Leave the rent in the litter
  30. box by big piles of medicinal
  31. catnip. The days start getting
  32. longer starting already,
  33. but Joni Mitchell lives forever.
  34. Take me as I am. Laurel takes me
  35. home and it’s almost morning.
  36. You can tell by the beer in the light,
  37. Bernadette, you can tell the whole day
  38. had been reading your book.