Seven Outfits

  1. Saturday Outfit
  2. Butter yellow oxford with hand carved
  3. mahogany buttons, sewn on with reclaimed
  4. North Carolina cone mill thread, spun in small batches.
  5. Maroon Japanese silk tie (anvil and horseshoe print).
  6. Vintage denim vest with navy issue, no sheen buttons
  7. of brushed virgin aluminum. Borsalino
  8. short-brimmed bronze fedora with thin
  9. black band, no tucking feather. Black Zimbabwe
  10. cotton chinos, tapered to ankle over brown rancher’s
  11. boot with caper-toned heels, bees wax toe
  12. treatment, oiled with mink and silicon.
  13. Flint gray wool socks from Marblehead Looms,
  14. sugar tops and reinforced toes.
  15. Today’s scent: cedar and frankincense
  16. with dry down to amber and vanilla.
  17. See you in the park!
  20. Friday Outfit
  21. Cream-colored wool waistcoat with cranberry lapel,
  22. reclaimed whiskey oak cask buttons
  23. and rugged blue canvas rear cinch
  24. with stainless steel clasp and tongue.
  25. 1940’s era dark indigo chambray work shirt
  26. with collar strap and Fairmont-era wooden buttons
  27. handmade in Paris. Run-off chain stitching at sides,
  28. in caramel and powder blue. Trousers are dark brown
  29. with faint mint pinstripes, tilted pockets (welted at seams
  30. with crimson cotton thread from Senegal). 2-inch cuffs
  31. showing inside scoop tint of chicory and tangerine.
  32. Shoes are handmade and dyed doe skin monk buckles
  33. with organic matte black polish from Medicine Leather,
  34. the London boot shop. Soles are hand crafted solid cork
  35. with raw rubber plugs for durability and beauty.
  36. Up top: Irish wool watchman’s cap of rare blue black
  37. hand spun Dublin Spirit Yarn with wisp of raw amber
  38. from Southern India. Sunglasses are handcrafted
  39. from raw tortoise shell plastic with coffee tinted
  40. high-optic lenses and organic blue velvet nose bridge.
  41. Say hello if you see me today!
  44. Thursday Outfit
  45. Pomegranate red flannel jacket
  46. with cross hatch eggshell monogram
  47. depicting pine tree and bluebird
  48. on grey silk patchwork chest pockets.
  49. Peach canvas fedora with ruby band and blue tucking feather.
  50. Trousers: burnt umber Harris Tweed with slash pockets.
  51. Pleats sewn in hand-spooled Alabama gold thread.
  52. Faint cobalt blue pinstripes on rear pockets. Welted crease
  53. in this caviar of wools. The belt: quarter-inch thick
  54. cowhide in natural beige, untreated mode. Antique
  55. buckle from Iowa Salvage, infantry gray pewter.
  56. Valmont eight-eyelet dark brown (artfully scuffed) work boots
  57. (leather sole with rubber additions, stacked heels).
  58. Laces made of artisan bamboo stock batch-dyed
  59. in chocolate brown with blood-red lace cuffs
  60. for fringing prevention. Socks: army green wool dipped
  61. in lanolin oil at manufacturing site with wisp
  62. of lavender for longevity. I hope our eyes meet
  63. during your 7th Avenue stroll!
  66. Wednesday Outfit
  67. Chestnut tinted newsboy cap
  68. with silver stitching accents
  69. worn at rakish angle to one side.
  70. Hydro-patch on shoulder, featuring delicate
  71. cherry blossom scene under tassels.
  72. Blouse in magenta, starched. Some poof
  73. on lower sleeves near mother-of-pearl
  74. and dead stock glass buttons. French cuffs.
  75. One of a kind red line denim collar
  76. with cinch at back (buy one size smaller).
  77. Pantaloons with crisp blue sheen. Stripes
  78. at side, with slanted pockets (liner: opal
  79. canvas, for durability and rub). Blue fade
  80. near crest of heel, so the bubble lifts
  81. over the shoe, giving delicate tumble effect.
  82. Engineer boots in moss green suede with gold
  83. buckle. Made in U.S.A. Heritage gloom.
  84. Scented with post coital sandalwood, extreme.
  85. I’ll be looking for you in Union Square!
  88. Tuesday Outfit
  89. Deer leather loafers
  90. with twin-oiled wool socks
  91. and sugar pleated trousers
  92. of gingham and heather balsam.
  93. Alligator rumble belt from Tennessee.
  94. Shirt combo of vestiture mule tone
  95. and tan overture habiliment. Lily clamps
  96. at sleeves and on buttons. Further
  97. up the collar: ochre tweed with chrome
  98. clasp engraved with the word LOVE.
  99. As for the hat, a Winston Flowers
  100. mock-brimmed overland lid
  101. constructed of boiled rose felt and clapper
  102. prism pin. I hope I see you on
  103. the F train, delighted.
  106. Monday Outfit
  107. Valley lemon lace ups
  108. with a misty coal deep-v tee.
  109. Ginger tinted scarf with potash.
  110. Cobalt blue tunic with lamb leather
  111. and lime piping held with Velcro sash.
  112. Silver waistcoat with plumb
  113. stripe down arms leading to red
  114. star at cuff over each wrist. A dollop of
  115. musk on neck and a black sutured
  116. felt hat with wide blue band.
  117. Purple silk patches at elbows,
  118. with venison horn buttons up to ventricle.
  119. Some sheen visible at overlap of tri-collar.
  120. Sliver of apple image knitted onto back pocket
  121. with double-twisted ruby wool thread.
  122. Delightful for all involved!
  125. Sunday Outfit
  126. Gadabout oatmeal linen gaucho sweats with red silk
  127. drawstring from Tokyo Mills,
  128. purveyors of the finest in Japanese threading.
  129. On the feet: Italian cordovan lounge slippers
  130. with silk lining. Stitched up top with pearl anchors.
  131. Organic cotton white v-neck t-shirt from Paris
  132. Mission Looms, makers of the highest thread count
  133. t-shirts in the world. Over the t-shirt: Grey cotton
  134. shawl-collared cardigan with Brazilian rubber
  135. buttons, hardened the old fashioned way: under
  136. sunlight and stars. As for the lid: A classic nautical
  137. writing cap with royal blue and white stripes. Made
  138. from Virginia cotton and hand loomed in Denmark.
  139. I hope to see you outside my window in the courtyard
  140. as I sit at my writing desk!