The Greeks

  1. Dearest out of
  2. sleeping sea
  3. sickness at night naturally
  4. trying to force a few hours down
  5. through the drain reminders
  6. encouraging to sit down
  7. at the bottom of the tub
  8. just to see my loving
  9. pulp! I’ve cherished
  10. that clot more than that
  11. poem for Jean Grey
  12. my telepathic Grace Kelly
  13. air mail stamps
  14. that drop out of time
  15. into the aqueduct’s overflow
  16. There’s nothing funny about this
  17. where’s the complimentary beverage
  18. on the way down
  19. where’s the mythic blue jay
  20. shitting out the sky
  21. we’re lost without a medium
  22. in which to plummet
  23. plunge away and displace ourselves
  24. from the galactic ski lodge
  25. arbitrarily imagined far far away
  26. And look at me
  27. so unrooted never a dull
  28. moment when you have one
  29. in your backyard this is the best
  30. party I’ve ever been to
  31. in a long long time
  32. there’s a parade
  33. through the forum
  34. today and even
  35. I can’t lie about that
  36. Where does the bloodless emperor hide
  37. himself inside my coat
  38. close enough to run his fingers
  39. through the swarthy proctor of my heart
  40. what catastrophe emanates soundlessly
  41. from the horn of my neck calls the beat
  42. come over for dinner
  43. burnished from the reins of unconditional love
  44. crumbles hands the stone dark sentry just another
  45. shadow in the corner of the apartment
  46. mumbles grifted then given
  47. too much credit as is
  48. the Greeks in our flax hewn smocks
  49. it is some summer sunday
  50. here at the ladder’s top-rung
  51. clogging the gutter with sand-filled mementos
  52. as it is always though the Elizabethans
  53. will eventually call this dying
  54. before we do