Sublime Anger

  1. Sublime anger incites you
  2. To release what your eyelids possess
  3. Until you are only ecstatic body
  4. Floating miles and miles
  5. Above the earth
  6. Like Paul Thek painted it
  7. Fuck anything you long to be fucked
  8. In turn until the whole world turns
  9. Until it is on fire with
  10. The things you transformed
  11. So that your anger survives
  12. So that we survive in
  13. Your anger
  14. So we lick its spit off
  15. Our faces
  16. Some more girlish face of Christ
  17. Remains a fossil watch-
  18. face reminding me time ran
  19. Out with you
  20. As though one could bottle righteous
  21. Indignation specifically your own
  22. If only one could top it
  23. Could we be an art
  24. Exceeding mourning?
  25. It’s like your art was given a reason
  26. Sometimes it’s like art is given a reason
  27. To struggle
  28. The danger of these emotions threaded
  29. Through the mouth like holier
  30. Bread could send
  31. Us an angel the point
  32. Is to transform it
  33. But fuck how to die in
  34. to life again
  35. Like it was not activism or ‘political
  36. art’ because all your
  37. Friends are dying
  38. Peter Hujar turned to a holy
  39. Relic on his death
  40. Bed in the pictures
  41. You took
  42. The Chelsea Piers like
  43. Ruins reveal themselves
  44. In solidarity, David
  45. Fuck this perpetual
  46. War against our immanence
  47. Others nations people
  48. Fuck our immunity, David
  49. When sublime anger becomes sane
  50. And feeling takes a political form
  51. Art wishes it could.
  53. for Ted Rees