1. It’s like blue was enough
  2. Not moonlit not sunlit but lit all the same
  3. What the night says
  4. That the body spiritless doesn’t already say
  5. Before we had names or blue was identified
  6. As what remains from moving
  7. It takes one to know one
  8. Humility who was afraid to say
  9. We are all Homo Sacer
  10. Whose hands were remains
  11. Humble because they’ve known humility
  12. Prone the sun is brazen to come out like this a parody of all that is visible
  13. Invisible withdrawing from whose pain is everything dance could inscribe
  14. Like a spotlight without a spotlight
  15. Like a song of joy when there is no song
  16. Come out because you are not the sun
  17. Like a limp blue and regal makes a difference in this praise.
  19. after Marissa Perel’s Night Ballast