A Telescope Protects Its View

  1. I like to read the dead.
  2. Part of a whole lost era campaign.
  3. The bridge is up.
  4. A portrait of you from what you aren’t saying.
  5. On my sleeve. The verb to be.
  6. I’m plucky but thankful.
  7. Death and the imagination equals life itself.
  8. Letters from an old bottle,
  9. junk in space.
  10. A book or a boat?
  11. The black ribbons of a spring day
  12. might sound mawkish
  13. but I like to read under a pale blue sky
  14. animated and deepening.
  15. I like to read the dead.
  16. There’s so and so going by
  17. everyone, outside
  18. everyone
  19. the words scroll onto air.
  20. Synecdoche: act of receiving from another.
  21. Metonymy: change of name.
  22. Who hasn’t found themselves
  23. praying in an awkward room.
  24. She said but what of their sad work
  25. by the river’s edge
  26. sad way of working the moth paper light
  27. trellis of dented garbage cans
  28. and debris at dawn.