1. Twin weather | backs out the corridor | hands aloft | to signal

    retrace stops | to modulate her walk to | a dancing step. The lapse

    between that | which is inscribed | torques on its broadside | tmesis

    or, how the barrier enhances | the emphasis towards | experience.

    Bound by the usable | parts of animals | Henry James | does not

    divide into hands nor the face into faces | developing into cries | at

    birth indicating the airway is clear of mucus. I thought that | by the

    lashing of young growth to straight sticks and binding the joints | I

    could say | while I care | I don’t

  2. repeat the pattern

  3. think | I believe. I thought that | cloud. There’s something difficult

    in my simple solution binding problem. Valley fold | the top left

    corner over to the right as shown. Crease well. Unfold the paper,

    then repeat the last fold on the other side of the | palmette verrier.

    Do a mountain fold horizontally though the intersection | of the

    crease marks | to make a diagonal lattice | alongside the things | it

    shows to be dependent upon | a backing track | across the sound the

    breeze makes | To keep | the screen | awake | Thiersch preferred

    the term “inosculation”, derived from the Latin inosculare, to | kiss.