1. In the space of a few lines | you may find yourself | in the space of a

    few lines | roomy enough to dwell in | some cloudy morning—the

    little adjustments | falling makes | in the receptacle | from which

    the desire to receive | somatic perfume | of the pressure drops

    halfway through | the sentence | make themselves felt as distinctions

    from a state | of deep sleep | landscaping. Working as agents

    induces an improper feeling of flatness | sex flowers strike | so light

    it hardly registers as defeat | the tears or weak areas. To determine

    the appropriate pressure | for

  2. movement

  3. to be deterred | partition calls back the candelabra-form espalier

    called a palmette verrier | from which falls | at close intervals

    a downpour of | stops. High over | an area of rainforest | makeshift

    barricades are erected | to distinguish the trees | from the wood to

    form a thick, impenetrable | paywall | against environs. At the touch

    of your | music | ash dissolves harmlessly | as though from a great

    height | to reveal the shape of | my own hand holding | my own

    hand holding | my own hand back from | its element. Meliboeus,

    please, we all make mistakes | the price of | watching their flight.