1. Working as agents within their cultural constraints, but cognizant of

    those constraints, they saw | themselves as though from a great

    height | projected onto a screen above | a compulsion to see | in

    their own appearance | patterns such as stained glass | a remix of a

    remix of | a remix. The interference of frequencies by combining

    different tracks | describes the wave in little grains, putting more or

    less space between | a particular place where it always rains, or

    something like | a piercing shaft of light | changed the colour of my

    eyes | during gestation | my opinion of the

  2. hanging styles

  3. have changed so much since the time of its composition | it is

    necessary to kneel in order to see as intended. I extend my hand to

    shake your | rubber hand | extends the | region which falls under

    the jurisdiction of your | body, yes | it is necessary to kneel in order

    to | cry loudly and repeatedly, clearing fluid and opening air to form

    a thick, impenetrable | negative | against its environs. At the touch

    of your | hand on my | back, I experience the sensation of floating

    above my own hand | holding a shell | in which the sound of the sea

    may be heard | now only intermittently.