Primary Care

  1. Dr lay your hands on me.
  2. Dr swoop in with needles and with knife.
  3. Dr bleed me up and puncture me.
  4. You are just doing business,
  5. this is how you spend your life.
  6. Dr remove the pests in me
  7. prove me female then make me repent.
  8. Dr give me this body to enjoy before dying, yes.
  9. You are kindly when you want to be
  10. and other times you make me weep.
  11. Dr I am blistered I hear voices what can those be.
  12. And then I think I'm nothing, yeah.
  13. Dr life isn't what I thought it would be.
  14. I suspect I'll flunk all your tests.
  15. Dr I'm troubled can you solve me, please?
  16. C’est superbe la vie, the nurses sing
  17. and the months go by like a dream not killing us yet.