from Late Summer

  1. ~
  3. But we already did everything —
  4. Then it came on again and we were wearing it
  5. like the same dress a yellow one a little worn
  6. threadbare out of date
  7. lying in with wine glasses in the dirty light
  8. a bit frayed a bit baldheaded a bit torn but possible
  9. long days in leisure long time in bed and after awhile of it another while
  10. limeade, new york, stepping through the garbage in sandals.
  11. Perpetually we were the same perpetually--
  12. Then a sound loudhushed like water running
  13. something new in the foliage
  14. something with soil in it a little seed
  15. something left of the bride of the cooling stream
  16. of the boat we once rode on, gliding--
  17. Tendrils round the neck, my favorite warm plaything,
  18. something coming to bud, brought up again new--
  19. July, siesta, ethereal, and spun again from the deeplocked interior.
  20. Something unhooked from its corset unwheeled free
  21. to shine on us in our summer bedroom, verbena sheets—
  22. In the plain crystalline summer something fucked with us,
  23. something recordless and without agenda
  24. and we alone with it, indelicate.
  25. Out of our empty room, our mortality, our daring,
  26. something would be due and upon us.
  27. ~
  29. And who wouldn’t in summertime,
  30. in the dumb heat,
  31. stoked with solstice tempted
  32. by tongue and taking.
  33. And me with my cap off and he with his charge
  34. and pressure through the weeds a jonesing
  35. barefooted without a rubber etcetera
  36. and prevalent the sweet gum of it, billowing --
  37. and I hoped but thought I’d be wrong about it.
  38. (Tilled glorious forceful and gentle and yes
  39. it was true we were able.)
  40. And then there was someone in there
  41. accident in a bowl boiling --
  42. cherry jello, utero, unspooling each perfect
  43. and upon again a summer day.
  44. ~
  46. What climate then immodest
  47. fully boarded was I and set off with her -
  48. Xanax vermox rivulets radiation - ferried her flighting
  49. to California to grow rioting drunk & dance at M’s wedding
  50. and she just a pale and puny
  51. welled inside me
  52. without visa without a pretty box
  53. dollface-down I could have scorched
  54. her could have drowned her could have crushed her
  55. not knowing veined was she
  56. and my blood rich and alcohol.
  57. She flipped around in there.
  58. I slept off the buzz in my hotel.
  59. ~
  61. A clean line
  62. between before and after.
  63. Was she real then?
  64. Stain purpling the white field
  65. in the stall of the hotel bathroom.
  66. (Could I could we
  67. have trampled her underfoot --
  68. she who set up camp there?)
  69. ~
  71. Bloat-swaddled hugeness of August.
  72. Its lack of bustling. Its birds.
  73. And leaving commerce behind
  74. taking a month there sweet to ceaseless
  75. and essential sit in summer’s drawer.
  76. Let a girl be born.
  77. Let breathing.
  78. Let the long shadows gather in the hall.
  79. Out of our boredom and resentment,
  80. lifeforce and providence.
  81. Out of the spacious window of a summer weekend,
  82. the deep-burning life of things.
  83. July. Disquiet. The trees.